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A term used to describe the actions of someone who, for a time, makes you feel important/liked only to then mysteriously stop talking to you for no apparent reason. The types of people who exhibit this kind of rude behavior will never give you a reason unless you hunt them down and demand one. This cowardly move is generally attributed to Nick's.
Girl 1: "I thought we had a really nice time on our date, but it's been almost a week and I haven't heard from him at all"

Girl 2: "Looks like he's pulling a Nick"

Girl 1: "Why would he do that? We had a really nice time"

Girl 2: "Who knows? Remember Nick's are *icks"
by Seditious690 November 08, 2010
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When one forgets to wear a belt and proceeds to have their pants fall down to far to be socially acceptable. Usually followed by others yelling at the individual to pull their pants up.
While he was running, the boys pants fell so low that everyone around could see his boxers, causing other to call out "Nick, stop pulling a nick"!
by LL180Wins July 19, 2012
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