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Appearing to attempt to jump over a small creek or stream, but failing miserably, resulting in very wet, muddy shoes. Can also be used to indicate everyday failure. Also commonly used in sports that involve throwing an object such as a ball or disc.
We all crossed the creek just fine, but Paul totally pulled a Jimmy.

Jeff pulled a Jimmy while playing Frisbee and busted a car window.
by MHS Track March 05, 2009
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When you are singing, humming, mouthing, or whistling a notoriously famous song, and some guy, be it a friend or someone you don't know at all, starts singing the words to the famous song with you timidly and awkwardly, making you stop singing immediately. Typically the theory of "pulling a Jimmy" can be tested by walking towards the person in question, and singing "we are the champions." If the person joins you a couple words in, he is deemed to be pulling a Jimmy. **Warning** avoid singing around these people once you have caught on to them! Or better yet.... try and see how many times in a row you can get the fool to join you in singing gayly and then tell all of your friends!
Dude, I went downstairs and started singing "Doe, a deer, a female deer," and this guy named Jimmy started singing with me and I stopped immediately because it was extremely gay. He seriously pulled a Jimmy there.
by Jextasy August 07, 2008
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