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The act of attempting to finger a girl using your pinky, ring, and middle fingers... while she is wearing jeans.
Jimmy was in the basement with a girl and decided to pull a Jimmy.
by blt1233 June 25, 2011
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the act of walking into a random room, usually a dorm room, standing or sitting there for an amount of time to make it awkward, then leaving without saying a word. Can also include a random story to make the situation even more awkward.

Note that this action can occur at any time of day, and the door does not even have to be open.
"Did Matt just walk into the room and then leave?"

"Yeah. He totally pulled a Jimmy."

"He must be bored. That's the only time I'd ever pull a Jimmy."
by MikeDizzle November 01, 2007
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1) the act of falling or stepping into a body of water, usually a small creek. this usuallyy happens when the person jumps over it.

2) a person who is very unathletic or sports akward. usually used in the tense of frizbee or football.
Pull a Jimmy, Pulled a Jimmy, Pulling Jimmy

1) all the cross coutry member jumped over the very small creek. jimmy, on the other hand, fell in. "Man he pulled a Jimmy" commented Mark to Jarod.

2) Jimmy pulled a Jimmy when he reached for the frizzbee but smacked his head against it.
by Z-ComiX May 29, 2009
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