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Refering to recent events in which Chris Brown allegedly beat up former girl friend Rihanna. For this reason "pulling a chris brown" is abusing your girl friend or spouse.
Ed: I heard Nancy was showing some disrespect.
Ted: Yeah your heard right, but don't worry I am going to Pull a Chris Brown on her ass when I get home from work.
Ed:Show her who is boss.
Ted: Keep the PIMP hand strong!
by Benjomania February 23, 2009
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1. To beat on a wife or girlfriend much like rapper Chris Brown allegedly did to his former girlfriend Rihanna.

2. To fumble at the opponents goal line in professional football, much like Texans running back Chris Brown did repeatedly in the 2009 NFL season, much to the dismay of his fantasy owners.
1. Paul: "Dude, I saw some guy in the parking lot beating on his wife the other day."

Mark: "Was he about to pull a Chris Brown?"

2. All my fantasy running backs like to pull a Chris Brown. I'm dropping all of them.
by smoothhostility July 22, 2011
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