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(pyooking reyn-bohs)
1. to vomit rainbows at the sight of something amazing on teh internet.

2. To be overwhelmed with cuteness that you puke rainbows.

Antonym: vomiting

Please don't use this(or any) meme outside of the internet.
Cuteness overload, I'm puking rainbows.
I can't believe I got a reply from (insert celebrity's name here) *pukes rainbows
by MPVTOX January 13, 2012
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Sarcastic phrase expressing reluctance terms of what we consider to be excessively sugary or sentimental.
- Oh, what a sweet kitty! See what a pretty face!
- (looking away) I'm puking rainbows
by rainbowxy November 11, 2013
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An intense feeling of being lovesick, such a feeling you need to puke. In other words your so in love and missing someone you feel like puking without them. Puking Rainbows can take the form of crying, whining, or similar to word vomit
Man, Enrique hasn't been the same since his girlfriend left him, he's been puking rainbows all morning.
by Spyduhmahn December 08, 2009
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