Verb: the action of a woman shaking her bare breasts from side to side when someone elses face is in between them.
Master Roshi: Can I have Puff Puff?!
Bulma: Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!
by Kaiiio December 15, 2008
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The name of the character who was voiced by internet star Ray William Johnson in the cartoon band Your Favorite Martian, He is classified as the main singer in the band. The characters full name is Puff-Puff Humbert, But is mostly called Puff or Puff-Puff.
Yo Puff Puff is a great singer ain't he?
by Radin Happier October 21, 2022
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A way of saying cannabis and the act of smoking up.
"Let's do some puff puff"

"I just did some puff puff"

"Smoking puff puff and then eating a whole chocolate cake to yourself is a bad idea" (Actual quote)
by [M]agus September 22, 2005
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A medium-sized, colored cotton ball. A hot glue gun is used to attach small googley eyes. At the bottom of the puff-puff is feet with an adhesive bottom, so they stick to your desk! They are usually sold at School Stores. Many children in barrington are obsessed with them. Many whildren use their imaginations to make puff-puffs of their teachers, friends, and favorite celebrties.
I just bought a Puff-Puff!
by The Puff-Puff Corporation October 29, 2003
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puff puff is another word for marijuana, blunt and a joint. it wery gangster and can be used by every one
ay u ben smokin dat puff puff
yo cuzz can u pass the puff puff
by super magic mike January 25, 2019
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Manly slang word for cigar. A cigarette is referred to as a petite puff puff.
Guy 1: Dude, can I have a smoke of your puff puff?
Guy 2: Sure dude, those chicks must think we're pretty hot with this puff puff.
by XXXXXheheXXXXX January 14, 2010
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