A Yuppie's favorite method of transportation. When a Yuppie rides the bus he or she gets a warm fuzzy feeling because they think they are saving the planet by reducing their carbon foot print. What a normal person sees when they get on Public Transit is a inconvenient, filthy, crowded, noisy, disgusting, mobile metal death trap.
Yuppie: Lets take Public Transit today and save the polar bears.

Normal Person (1): I'm not taking the looser cruiser!

Normal Person (2): I'm not taking Public Transit if it crashes that thing will fold like a tin can and kill us all.

Normal Person (3):Why would I take Public Transit when I can drive my car?

Normal Person (4): I'm not taking Public Transit it smells like piss, shit and vomit on a good day.

Normal Person (5): I'm not taking Public Transit! If you take the time it takes you to drive somewhere then multiply it by 10 you get the time it will take you on the bus. NO THANKS!

Normal Person (6): Let the Yuppie's take Public Transit I grew up and bought a car.

Margaret Thatcher - A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure.
by theddawg123456456 January 21, 2012
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The meaning is two-fold.

1. There will always be another girl/guy after you're done with one. Just like a bus stop, there's always one coming 15 minutes later.

2. A 'dry spell' is much like a bus stop. Sometimes there won't be a bus coming through for awhile, then all the sudden, BAM there's 4 buses. Same thing with a dry spell, you go through a long time of no action then BAM multiple people are interested in you.
Derek: Jessie broke up with me! There's no women for me!

Jeter: Dude, trust in the Public Transit Theory.
by brojo April 6, 2012
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The process by which a chronically deprioritized, underfunded and racialized municipal public transit system originally conceived as a public good for efficient daily mobility needs is further morphed by the political establishment and the capitalist system into an afterthought with an unsustainably funding model, leading to a feedback loop of reduced service, reduced ridership and reduced investment to the detriment of all people.
"Do you remember back in 2020 when the United States Congress failed to appropriate necessary funds during the COVID-19 pandemic and thus enabled a nationwide public transit death spiral from which we're still recovering in 2040?"
"Yeah, that sure was disappointing and avoidable!"
by Sarcastic&Concerned December 8, 2020
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