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Pertaining to a rare type of psychonaut who's philosophical belief is predominantly scientific, rather than some form of spiritual or religious dogma. This is not to say their experience is aspiritual, but rather that it is based in scientific observation, and often, carried out with scientific method.

Some psyentists MAY -(as part of the scientific prudence required to be a psyentist for a significant period of time, is that you keep your identity free of any links to the unusual, illicit or dangerous)- and so, may, include;

Hunter S Thompson
Edgar Allan Poe
Tennessee Williams
Albert Hoffman
Dr. War
Dr. Steel
Any of the cast of "The animatrix"
Or anyone who scores better than you in your next calculus, physics or chemistry test, or scores better in any type of English exam, especially if it on a journalism paper written in the Gonzo style.

Psyentist: Why did you build such an inconvenient obstruction?
Man: why have you laid down the tracks for, and driven a steam-train through, our house while we were out drinking?
Psyentist: I'm on acid, what's your excuse?!

'Who IS that man placing chocolate liqeurs filled with Dextromethropan outside a kindergarten on a platter marked "free snacks"?
'Don't worry ma'am, man's a psyentist. He knows what he's doing.'

Clint Eastwood Once said; "When a psyentist with a Tesla Coil meets a psychonaut with a pile of sticks, the psyentist emerges Zeus, while the psychonaut emerges a faggot."

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Deriving from the words "psy" and "scientist", a psyentist is most often one who is extremely skilled in his/her craft. In cases where ones skills exceed normal human capactites, the phrase "complete psy" may also be used but only on rare and extraodinary circumstances.

Cave-dweller, Cro-magnaman, Ignoranimus, Trog, Troglodyte,
Scope this calligraphy... this guy must be a complete psy.

When I am an old ass man, I'm going to be an absolute origami psyentist.

My, that ink wash is pursonally psyentific!
by Charlos March 27, 2007
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