The underground fraternal act of slowly removing the penis from your pants, being careful not to disturb the unsuspecting victim (usually sleeping or dead from multiple keg stands) and rolling the tip and foreskin of your penis over the victims mouth allowing all of the schmegma buildup and residue to be dispersed in the victims oral cavity. The addition of some schmegma covered pubes to the concoction is also allowed.
After i phi psy schmegma kai toothbrushed that fat chick last night my dick might just be clean enough to eat off of without the taste of old ass cheese and sorority muff.
by dive team 13 September 06, 2010
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Gnarly and FAT female, usually psychotic(not in a good way) a terrible parent, an Abusive spouse. A lazy greedy selfcenter egotistical maniacal cow, who should over douse on anti-depressants.
A common name for said female is April.
Guy 1:Damn there go April again, Buyin weed n Alcohol instead of things for her child. Damn.

Guy 2: Damn man, go the other way she a Gnar-Lay-Psy-Chunt.
by TruthRevealedBliss February 22, 2010
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An afro-raising, crossdressing Jew. May also mean to eat something in an extremely bizzare place (sick).
"Oh my fucking god, was i dreaming or did that guy just PInK-PSyied a banana in the school's bathroom?"
by Tubi! ^_^ July 28, 2003
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To simp for someone, specifically hot anime girls.
I totally Hot Psy Girl megumin!
by yourholyfather January 27, 2021
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A dominant movie genre, when movies get made again, looking back at the meltdown of human life on earth in 2020.
"It's classic Sci-Psy. Totally. One guy, he's a shrink. With a gun. Alone in New York! Humans are afraid to breathe, afraid of each other, dying by the millions! A fucking game show host is stoking race war, there's nobody in charge, everyone is going insane and pretending to be ok! The one lone guy has two days to save the planet. It's called "How Does That Make You Feel?"
by Monkey's Dad July 03, 2020
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a way you can say wap on roblox with or without safechat
oh god! someone in royale high said wet as psy in the chat!
by Printerus January 08, 2021
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