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Hick Town! Everyone hangs out at the tree, prunetree shopping center that is. The town has a total of 4 stop lights, yeah its a small town. There are 2 exits off the highway, dont blink while driving by, youll miss it.
Everyone should live in Prunedale.
by Pruntuckians March 19, 2009
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a fairly normal, if not a bit trashy, town in which all the ignorant residents try to pretend they are "hicks" or "rednecks" and are from "Prunetucky", and wear confederate flags (without knowing what they stand for) and pretend they are knowledgeable about farmin' life simply because someone on their street managed to cram a horse pen into their 1-acre lot.

In reality, these people are iPhone-toting, gangster/scene-dressing, generally trashy kids who have nothing much to do but smoke pot and masturbate.

The ones who masturbate the most (and most violently) hang out at Prunetree for no reason at all, 'cept to douche out and pretend they're not normal teenagers.

The only decent people chill in the NC Drama Room.
"Lololol. I'm such a fuckin' hick. I'm hella redneck. my iPhone's got a hella bad rebel flag sticker on the back that I totally fuckin' jacked from L.A. Hearne's."

"No way, bro. Like dude, Prunetucky man, it's the shit *fist bump*"

(A normal conversation between baked pseudocowboys in Prunedale)
by Strawberry Quick December 27, 2010
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Prunedale,CA A small town with a population around 7,000.. very small! People who live here usually have a house built on 2 + acres well i did there are about 3 elemetary Schools.. echo valleymrs murphy and mr jackson wre the nicest!, prunedale, and Prunedale Christian Academy ((Liberty Family Academy shut down when i was in 3rdd there is 1 library where most people hangout at if not riding horses...HOME OF THE PRUNETUCKY PEOPLES!!! There is one Burger King and a Mc Donalds across 101. You can oonly by grocerys at a super maxx or Safeway across the highway. This town is 15 miinutes away from Salinas..and a5 away from Gilroy..and 45 away from San Jose...
Darlene-Hey Clarissa are you done with your homework?


Darlene-Then lets go to the Prunedale library!

by Darlene MashedPotatoes September 10, 2007
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Definition 1: A small city in central California, synonymous with Salinas.

Definition 2: A person who - Feeds pigs in the middle of the night. Thinks of Salinas as a "big" city. Owns an animal that isn't a dog, cat, fish or small caged animal. Prefers trucks to sports cars. Hangs out at the Prunetree Shopping Center and/or Hollister.
Example 1: That Prunedale is going to ride his pet horse to the big city Salinas to buy a truck because he doesn't want a Camero, but first he is going to hang out at Prunetree, but not for long because he has to feed his pigs tonight. But if you miss him today, he will be in Hollister tomorrow, so you can hang out with him there.

Example 2: Let's stop off in Prunedale while we drive down the 101.
by LOOK, IT'S A BIRD! February 28, 2011
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