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Racial slur: a native of Paraguay. Commonly used in central Canada to refer specifically to immigrants from Paraguay.
Geech: Hey Merl, I heard you got new neighbours!

Merl: Don't get so excited, they're Prugs.
by Cousin Merl November 05, 2010
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preppy rich ugly guy, often used for a man you are oddly attracted to even though the only thing going for him is their tax bracket and social standing, though it is also used to refer to smartass prep boys
"Donald Trump's son is such a prug."
"Don't let that prug tease you he just wants in your pants."
by brewster October 11, 2007
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A popular code name used by drug lords to keep their actions and substances hidden from the police. Nobody will ever know...
When asking for the illegal substance when in a crowded place or in the nearby presence of law enforcers.
"You have my prugs?"
The offender can trick his/her way out of police custody by tricking the officer
"You were found in the possession of drugs"
"It's not drugs, Its prugs."
by PineappleParrot January 17, 2012
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