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Prounce is the act of intentional flirting. It is the combination of pouncing and prancing. It is gracefully going in for the kill. It is usually a feminine verb. One can "prounce", be "prounced", go "prouncing" and one can be a "prouncer"
Dude, that chick was totally prouncing on him.

Woah, what a prouncer.
by Hammerstorm November 28, 2012
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A special formal type of jacket worn my Elves at Christmas time
Wow, that Elf has a nice Prounce, and its Christmas time
by Nat Farris December 06, 2003
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Walla Walla term for a sexual pounce toward another person.
Brendan: Those upstate girls in Spocompton were all ready to prounce on me this weekend!

Greg: Yea.... Whateva.
by Greg Cole April 27, 2005
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