-Cousin of Grammar Nazi and Spelling Nazi
-A person who always freaks outs and corrects every word that is incorrectly pronounced by another person.
Sentence: How's your brand new iPod Touch?

Dad with an accent: How's your brand new iPad Touch?
Son: Dad, it's an iPod Touch, not an iPad touch...
Daughter: You're such a pronunciation nazi! L
by TheNextComicBookGuy April 19, 2011
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refers to the manner in which someone utters a particular word or phrase in an accent consistent with his/her native dialect, but inconsistent with the spoken language of the sentence.
"At 6:30 we will be covering an incredible story about a 39 year old woman from los-AN-jə-ləs, California who claims she can cure cancer with just a dash of peek-o-day-GY-o, shake of green SALL-sah, and generous amounts of drunken kah-ɽah-ke."

Back to you Leen-DAH."

"Holy sh*t, that's was the most f*cked up up hyperethno-pronunciation I ever heard!"
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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The kind of pronunciation only 3% of the population in the UK produce (mainly those with great positions in the government or those who have studied in Cambridge/Oxford university). What the Queen Elizabeth speaks. Also known as RP.
Dude 1: Hey dude, I loathe listening to that freaking accent the Queen utters.
Dude 2: Yeah! It is what they call "Received Pronunciation", bruh!
by MuchPower October 31, 2017
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A noun derived from the verb "Pronounce".
"The swedish K's are confused about their pronunciality"
by Totally not Kelkel December 07, 2016
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Adjective - A stickler for the pronunciation of words, akin to a Grammar Nazi or Spelling Spetsnaz, but instead for pronunciation instead of either grammar or spelling.

The FSK in the term refers to the Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando, often regarded as one of the most well-trained special forces units on Earth.
Person 1: Raskaan metallin Rambona juoksen, ily Sumatran synkan yön! (Pronounced rask-aen metallin instead of ras-kahn metallin)

Person 2: Hang on, that's ras-kahn and not rask-aen,

Person 1: Why do you care so much?!

Person 2: Imagine having a language that isn't so comically broken, there are national televised competitions on spelling its words!! This post was made by the not-english gang!

Person 1: You must be part of the Pronunciation FSK, then!

Person 2: Duel me if you must, but I will die with my honor intact if you beat me!
by RadienX Chaosmaker June 19, 2021
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