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Promocracy is an extension to the ideas and philosophies of Democracy and Democratic governing bodies. It would consist of a promocratic society which would be economically stable due to emotionally stable and professionally balanced governments.

No longer will politicians act upon the will of their careers over the worlds of their peoples.

No sniping, snide comments chiding or ridiculous attitudes shown in the governing house, and politicians shall retain their professionalism at all times during work hours and will be treated like regular members of the community outside of work hours.

No alcohol served or allowed on premises of government at any time during governing hours.

This will in turn allow the real voice of the people through if as they were mediums translating our problems rather than petty bureaucrats and in turn improve our lives and civilization can move forward.
"Promocracy became the new philosophy for most of the 21st Century, followed by a return to more holistic and self controlled worlds"

"Promocracy will bring a sense of urgency to the politicians as we, the people, will no longer accept having to deal with their failings of the governing policies"

"By instating Promocracy, politicians will remember at all times that they are public servants, and we and the rest of the planet and its nations are watching them and scrutinizing their every move"
by Kit Mendoza, Shukit Wudu December 06, 2011
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