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Proints, said in a heavily 'Kim Jong-Il'-ish accent, are points which contribute to becoming "Camp Idiot" and being forced to wear the coveted Idiot Robe.

Yelling "PROINTS" whenever someone does something mildly stupid adds to their tally.

(Can also be used for any kind of situation - i.e. Match Idiot in a football game)
Steve gets up in the middle of the night and finds his way into the cupboard, not the toilet, and urinates on Nicks clothes ... PROINTS!

"That Steve is such a clownshoe he gets automatic PROINTS"

"Oh, harro ... you got PROINTS!"
by Nick-B September 27, 2007
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an assembly of a cardboard roll and a joint.. generally used to smoke marijuana.
lets hit a proint.
by abdeus February 08, 2011
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