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PROFUSION: lavish expenditure; extravagance: the quality or state of being profuse;
great quantity; lavish display supply abundance "snow falling in profusion aka sweat falling in profusion"

PERSPIRATION: Sweating is the release of a salty liquid from the body's sweat glands.

Sweating is an essential function that helps your body stay cool. Sweat is commonly found under

the arms, feet, palms of hands, private areas and MOST unattractively on the forehead.

ING: One of a specified kind: "sweating"
While dancing in the gay night club rolling on molly until 5,6,7 or 8AM causes extreme = Profusioning
While having long periods of gay and/or straight hot one/on/one sex or groups will cause extreme = Profusioning

"He was profusioning all over me last night, he tasted so yummyness."
"We were profusioning hard at the beach today"
"O.M.G. Gurlfriend, I am profusioning, look at my lavish display of sweatness, hurry bitch I need a fucking tissue."
"Fuck dude, she is so hot my balls are profusioning."
"Fuck dude, he is so hotmy ass is profusioning"
"I live in Houston bitch, we are profusioning every damn day."
"Damn gurl, turn the a/c on, I'm profusioning all up in here."
by lol_victoria26 June 12, 2013
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