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Any professional gamer that's way too good at a video game.

Usually they know that they are good and are complete assholes about it. Also if you are playing with them they'll get mad at you for doing something wrong on the game.
Fuck I just got killed by an entire squad of Profags. There's no way we can beat them!
by Skydude HD December 27, 2018
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Used in online games to describe a player that thinks they are a pro, but in reality they are just a fag. Mainly for First person shooter games, all players that whinge every time they are killed, if they lag, if they think someone is hacking but they aren't, etc.
Good player: you hit me once.
(Profag gets killed again)
<CLAN>Profag:FUCKING LAG this host is shit
Good player:clearly a Profag.
by Rozie_3 January 27, 2010
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