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v. to deny and put aside any feelings you may have that are telling you to take a shit. Broken down into two words we get, procrastinate and poop. Essentially, one is so incredibly lazy that they don't even bother to relieve themselves, procrastinating their pooping habits. Can also be used as a noun: procrastipooper.
Jeff: Dude, did you hear about that one kid in the obituaries this morning?

Steve: Yeah man, apparently he was a procrastipooper and died from a build up of shit in his body.

Jeff: hm, shame.
by ceramicHands March 22, 2011
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The act of holding ones bowels for an extended period of time in order to finish a task (usually video games).
Example 1:
"I procrastipooped for 9 rounds of search and destroy and nearly shit myself in the way to the bathroom".

Example 2:

"I was so into minecraft that I procrastipooped for 6 hours strait"
by SeniorWhopperPants January 25, 2012
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The act of holding a shit inside of you until 4 in the morning until you can unload it onto your roomates chest. Also known as the Rob Bell
DOOD... DJ took a dirty Procrastipoop on Taylor's chest!!

He gave him a Rob Bell? Disgusting!
by massivedee November 17, 2011
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