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A cross between a hippie and a prep. Rare but a special type of person. Prippie people wear clothing that fits preppy, but they will mix and match with real hipster styles, and live hippie lifestyles but also value prep lifestyles. like wearing tye dye with abercrombie and be a bit grundgy but with expensive items. Belle bottoms and a jean jacket button down, reefs with white pants and a self made tye dye shirt, super long hair with some tattoos and some piercings, but never a lot.

They are usually nuetral towards drugs, heavy metal and nature. They are also nuetral towards prep culture, hanging out with both people, both preps and hippies can relate to them well. They might be very successful people but prone towards hippie loss of motivation and drug use, but their style always has both hippie and prep appearance no matter what happens. A very strong people, usually they never find one like themselves and could be very lonely people.
Danielles style can only be described as Prippie, she wears Chinos and reefs along with self made tye dye and she has a large psychedelic tattoo on her back. She always looks so well groomed even though she has long natural hair, smokes weed and never wears any makeup. She is a breed by herself.
by Feliss June 15, 2013
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