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<see above definitions>. Also he, in all his utter flamboyancy, greatly romanticises the concept of homosexuality, treating it as a most passionate, even somewhat mystical form of art brought to its fullest bloom through masterful verbal articulation (in a British accent of course), refined mannerisms, striking gallantry, and extravagant attire characterized by bright colors, exquisite designs, plumage, jewels, flowing robes, fine wigs, ornate codpiece, etc.
The original Prince of Butts, who lived in the days of the old, spent his time like many other boys- planting flowerbeds,sewing his own clothing,and sipping fine wines. He was known to watch birds, admiring their flamboyant plumage, which he would harvest to create extravagant feathered hats. He was often caught plucking feathers of exotic birds, even those owned by others and endangered species. The Prince of Butts at a young age awed people with his inclination for ballroom dancing. All too often he was caught having sword fights with other young men and boys, and was chided for his actions. He was a brash young lad. but being driven by his deterination to have the curiousities in his mind answered and forbidden dreams made true, with long black hair flowing he rode out early one morn to begin his quest. The tales of his journeys and exploits are extensive, as he encountered the menliest of men- Butt Fabio, Sergio Aldio, and many others.
by The Noje October 15, 2003
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Real name Wolfgang....usually wonders naked at gimp partys and wears a crown knighting people with his dick.
Quickely get the KY Jelly , Wolfgangs got his staff out!
by braniac September 30, 2003
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this canadien bastard that goes to long reach and thinks that he will make the nhl but hes the only canadien that suks at hockey
by unclecracker February 07, 2004
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one who is extremely flamboyantly gay. they often wear bright colors and extravagant feathered hats.
man i was at a party, gaydrian was there acting like the prince of butts
by Disciple of Noje July 17, 2003
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Dude,I watched Anna Nicole last night,and that flamer Bobby Trendy was on it.
Yeah,he's gay!
by Mulleted Hessian! October 16, 2003
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