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A strongly temperamental person who presents him or herself as moody or irritable and expresses erratic / unpredictable behavior that is not accepted well by the general public.

A person who is vain and consider themselves too good to do certain tasks and live under conditions they consider inadequate.

In simple modern term a Prima Donna is known to be someone who displays themselves as a "Drama Queen" or "Diva". It is often used to describe someone arrogant, egoistic, cocky or just plain bitchy and not nice.

Word Origin: from Italian "First Lady" recorded in the year 1782
(Boy how times have changed .. nothing comparable to what a Prima Donna is actually considered today then centuries ago)
When Alex does not get his way, he displays himself as a prima donna.

Alex, a boss, who is too much of a prima donna to compliment his employees after a job well done. Instead he prefers to solely focus on their weaknesses and consistently criticize with nothing but negative feedback.

Alex becomes a prima donna when he has to spend money on others but when it comes to himself, there's absolutely no limit.
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by hcivtrags April 20, 2017
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From Italian words meaning "first woman" or "first lady", depending on your preference, the prima donna is the leading lady in a performance, and especially in opera. Can also be called a diva.

Is now often used to describe someone arrogant, vain, or just plain bitchy. Diva and prima donna have become synonomous with a show-off or a bitch, regardless of whether or not the person in question is male or female.
Maria Callas was one of the great dive (DEE-vay) of the twentieth century. A coloratura-spinto soprano, she was determined to be the best of the best on the stage, often singing outside of her natural singing range, which eventually ruined her voice and led to her downfall. This Greek diva was known to give tantrums offstage. Still, her strong, metallic, if not angelic, singing and good sense of high drama enabled her to become a stellar actress and singer.

Fans claim that she was feuding with fellow soprano, the Italian spinto-lyric soprano, Renata Tebaldi, despite the strong friendship between the two singers.

Did you see that?! Charlotte pushed me off the stage and grabbed the spotlight for herself! What a prima donna!
by Lorelili May 29, 2005
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The #2 best song by Marina & The Diamonds. Also, can be dangerously addictive when you listen to it.
β€œDid you listen to Primadonna? it’s a fucking banger mate
by Prima, Donna, Marina, Diamonds February 14, 2019
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01: a person that's considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited.
02: a distinguished female operatic singer; a leading female operatic star; a diva.
A true prima donna is a diva. A prima donna wanna-be can be very prideful for example.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 27, 2004
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A female who thinks she is the most high, and disregards everyone else. Always right
That bitch thinks she's some kinda primadonna!
by MR.BURNONE August 14, 2008
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A person who is vain and consider themselves too good to do certain tasks and live under conditions they consider inadequant
Michelle is a prima donna because she won't help her brothers take out the trash.
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2009
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