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Used to refer to the girls of Presentation High School in Willow Glen, CA. Presbians are typically sluts that get around a lot with both sexes (emphasis on the both). Presbians will often engage in sexual acts during school hours in the bathrooms and otherwise. Bellarmine boys like to hook up with Presbians but will always end up taking a Notre Dame girl to meet their mother. Presbians have a tendency to dress in an identical manner to mixers.
See that Presbian over there in the pink shirt and matching knee socks sucking face?
Which one? There are so many!
by NotreDyke&Proud November 12, 2009
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Presbian, the act of pretending to be a lesbian usually with your best friend(s) or for attention.
Chelsea and Kitten are total presbians, they're always all over each other, touching butts for attention.
by K-White Mage July 23, 2014
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1. The highest executive officer of the Nerdy Lesbian Club.
2. An officer appointed or elected to preside over an organized body of nerdy lesbians.
Jennie is so alpha! She should certainly be the Presbian of nlc camping 2008!
by AceFantastic August 11, 2007
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