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The situation in which you say goodbye to someone, believing that you are about to part ways, only to discover that the person is actually going in the exact same direction as you. This results in a lingering sense of awkwardness as you decide whether or not to restart the conversation.
After wishing each other well and promising to reconnect soon, Nick and Varun started walking the same way. There was an uncomfortable silence for around 30 seconds. "Wow, I sure hate premature salutations!" exclaimed Varun. "Yeah..." chuckled Nick nervously.
by VNFP October 10, 2018
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Greeting another individual while walking towards each other, but doing so when there is still an abundant amount of walking space to be covered before passing each other. This untimely greet is usually very awkward, but can be saved by a brief conversation concerning issues such as weather, sports, or work.
Josh- I ran into a co-worker today downtown, but it was extremely awkward, because I said hello 20 feet away from him.

Colton- Oh, do you mean you became a victim of Premature Salutation?
by chager45 February 13, 2010
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