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An underage hot girl. Must be under 18. Must be at least mildly attractive.
Dude, yer sister is a total preed. When is she turning 18?

Why are all the Chinese gymnasts preeds? They all look 12.
by jethay! April 13, 2011
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When something is so hot or awesome that you get so excited you pre-cum. It is beyond getting a hard on.
1. Dude, the girl in the mesh bikini was so hot I totally pree'd.

2. Seeing that Lambrghini speeding down the freeway was so incredible I pree'd.

3. Just the thought of going to The hardstyle concert makes me pree.
by Avoidingwork November 02, 2011
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The preed is the highest rank of prep "the leader". These preps are usually the most anoying of all the preps. These are the ones that are always talking, and often times have the resemblance of a rat.
Preed - Have you seen jenny latley?! That hair is like, so five minutes ago!
Preper - ...
Cheedie - GO TEAM!!
by Mr. Josh December 11, 2007
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A golf term used to describe when you just barely miss the hole.
Josh:*Misses Hole* Fuck, I totally just pree'd!
Jake: Sucks for you cunt.
by Lil'bucket May 16, 2018
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