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An awesome individual, who is beautiful, Patience is what is her super power and really defines her. She down to earth, humble and loyal. And never let go of pratiksha.
by Baishnabi October 28, 2018
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pratiksha is a hindi word that means to wait! it is mainly referred to girls who keep people waiting for all the good and bad things. pratiksha in Indian history was the mother of all rakshasis.
aapki call pratiksha me hai!
she's such a pratiksha.
by anju thomas November 26, 2013
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A person named Pratiksha usually has very high moral compass, is humble and grounded. know what they want and will get everything without downing others. good sense of humor. High intelligence and emotional quotient. Radical and logical thinking. Sharp and witty thoughts. Cannot hurt a fly. Beautiful and have sharp features. probably puts family and friends above everything. They are extremely loving, caring and loyal but can be very mean, dismissive and badass if you offend them. thoroughly ambivert
Statistically people named Pratiksha are extremely intelligent but often go underappreciated or unnoticed because they don't like to talk about themself. Hesitant to ever ask for help and will take long time to know you before they trust you. They uplift others, believe in greater cause turbocharging their own growth. Self sufficient.
Never let a pratiksha go. You are bound to regret it.
Ask her for help. Pratiksha has good problem solving skills.
by siddharthdesai December 09, 2018
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