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The act of getting off with your friends girlfriend with out her knowing with out physical sexual acts.
Johnny would prape Janna, his best firned's girlfriend, everyday just by giving her a hand shake because of his hand shaking fetish.
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A combination of the words pwn and rape. It means to viciously own someone in a video game.
I prape face. I praped him something fierce. I'm such a praper.
by Praper August 28, 2006
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A contraction of the word Pussy rape. Wich is the most common form of rape. Created by Imran Kahn and Steve Austin along side "G'rape"
"Ya i'd P'rape her all night long..!
by drunken robot February 28, 2008
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When you are unexpectedly and suddenly prayed for (often with laying on of hands) without your permission. "prayer rape". Often occurs at Christian soup kitchens, or in evangelical churches.
Oh no, I've been praped! How did that happen! I was just standing in line waiting for my soup, and 2 ladies asked my name and started praying on me. I feel violated!
by Oh Dearie Me June 05, 2018
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