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Pramit is a loving and caring person who is very sweet. While the name be a bit hard to pronounce, the loving and caring attitude he carries will be worth more than anything. If you find a Pramit in your life, be sure to keep him because he is a very special person.
Pramit is always there to listen, he'll know how to help.
by airplanekats May 05, 2014
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A handsome, smart, boisterous man with the stamina of a 1000 horses. You wish you were Pramit, you wish he was your boyfriend, and you wish you wore the same cologne as him. But wait - you can't afford it. You see his bougie shirts, pants, blazers, and Patagonias, and you think he has the life. But then he says hi to you - and your world's upside down. Suddenly all you can see is that luscious set of hair, those beautiful eyes, and the way he makes you tingle with his implausible sense of humor. You're swooning just reading this, aren't you?
Ugh, I wish my boyfriend was a Pramit </3
"I want a Pramit in bed, he does me soooo good"
by sexygurl69o June 15, 2018
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Pramit is an ass friend is fucking bitch boi, he bullies everybody and thinks he is cool
Dumb as pramit is he worst student in the class
via giphy
by My PsEuDoNyM iS pOoP mY aSs April 08, 2019
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