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v. The uncomfortable sensation resulting from a turd repeatedly pressing against the rectal sphincter and having to be squeezed back in; analogous to a prairie dog popping its head in & out of its burrow.
Damn, I gotta find me a shitter fast cuz I'm prairie doggin one monster of a log!
by nemo November 04, 2002
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when you gotta go #2 so bad-the prairie dogs' head is peekin out of his hole
by turd December 23, 2002
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When you have to poop so bad that it sticks out of your anus and says hello, like a prairie dog.
Man, I ate so much that I was prairie doggin'.
by Bridget's ass September 29, 2003
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When a person has to take a dump REAL bad, it wants to come out, but you force it back in with your butt muscles. Like a prairie dog poking his head out of his hole and popping back in over and over.
kid....DAD!!! You gotta stop at a gas station! I'm prairie doggin back here quiet and sit on your moms purse or something!.
by crabbie patty August 30, 2011
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When u have a humongo turd ready to come out but are no where near a toilet. It pops out and goes back in, like a prairie dog coming out of its hole abd going back in.

AKA:Turtle Head Poking Out
" man i got to take a major shit" other guys says " oh prairie doggin are we" and then u both laugh
by Russ April 02, 2004
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A large hard turd being sucked in and out of a body cavity by use of the sphyncter muscle.
Synonym - "Cresting"
Dude, I gotta find a shitter 'cause I'm Prairie Doggin it right now

by Nutty McPoop January 24, 2003
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