The athlete who always gives 110% during practice when it's not necessary, just to show up their teammates. Is usually the worst player on the team who never gets any playing time, only in practice. Generally unliked by their teammates for obvious reasons.
Olivia: "Hey Rudy, take it down a peg it's not even a game. No need to be a practice hero!"

Emily: "But practice is the only time I get to play!"

Chelsea: "Yeah, Helen Keller sees more playing time than you.."
by TheDirtyC August 30, 2011
Practice Hero
A certain Athlete who feels that it is his or her responsibility to make everyone else look like shit. Usually found listening to Christian Metal (for Jesus-fueled adrenaline) or jerking off to running videos. A Practice Hero never stays up later then 8'o'clock, and rarely socializes with anyone other than their right hand.
John: Sup d00ds, just ran like 8 miles, brah. No sweat, b.

Ya feel meh??

Fred: Maybe we could try working know...a

fucking TEAM!?

John: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TEAM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously guys suck dick.

Narrator: (song to the tune of...I dunno...a transformers commercial?)

PRACTICE HERO! He follows all the rules!

PRACTICE HERO! He makes us look like fools!

He's a Practice Hero and all he needs is some short shorts

and a cool GUITAR SOOOLOOOO!!!11!11

by Partially-White October 29, 2009
a person who is of a rare breeed.
one who runs, and gets stronger as his competitors get weaker.
some say he uses steriods but the truth is it is all heart.
good calves
jack stibitch.. the ultimate practice hero
by jackstibich April 15, 2010
A douche bag who always over does it at practice but cannot do shit in the game, these guys usually become cops after high school
"that motherfucka is a practice hero, yo"
by AaronBalls May 2, 2007