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Practice Hero
A certain Athlete who feels that it is his or her responsibility to make everyone else look like shit. Usually found listening to Christian Metal (for Jesus-fueled adrenaline) or jerking off to running videos. A Practice Hero never stays up later then 8'o'clock, and rarely socializes with anyone other than their right hand.
John: Sup d00ds, just ran like 8 miles, brah. No sweat, b.

Ya feel meh??

Fred: Maybe we could try working as...you know...a

fucking TEAM!?

John: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TEAM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously though...you guys suck dick.

Narrator: (song to the tune of...I dunno...a transformers commercial?)

PRACTICE HERO! He follows all the rules!

PRACTICE HERO! He makes us look like fools!

He's a Practice Hero and all he needs is some short shorts

and a cool GUITAR SOOOLOOOO!!!11!11

by Partially-White October 29, 2009
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