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1) One of the names for God in some Indian languages, including Punjabi and Hindi.

2) Sometimes used as a unisex first name: Prabhsharan, Prabhjot, Prabhu, Prabhjeet, Prabhsimran, etc.

Is also sometimes written as Prab.
You: Hey Prabhjot, what are you doing?
Prabhjot: I'm praying to Prabh.
by Misadventures In Color December 27, 2009
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A really smart person. A prabh is usually a special child who is perfect in everything.!
"I wish I can be a prabh "

"Prabh is just so perfect"
"I wish I was as special as a Prabh"
"I am so lucky to be a Prabh"
by Slayyyyy5578 July 20, 2017
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