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the act of using knowledge and or information against someone else in order to gain advantage in an intense situation
Bill owes Greg his phone that Greg let him borrow. Bill has avoided Greg in order to not give back Greg's phone. Greg finds Bill to confront him and ask for his phone back. Bill says "Not right now, I can't". Greg then shows Bill the title to his car he is holding in his hand. Bill then says, "Ok here is your phone." Greg engaged in powerplay.
by robbytharobot September 7, 2009
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To unrealistically overpower your character's opponent, usually in a fight, in a chat, forum, or other text based RPG, and overstepping the bounds of realism in that particular universe. This includes a physically weaker character A beating a strong B in a fight because A's writer said so, or an inexperienced character beating an experienced one at their own game when it simply couldn't happen realistically. Related to godmodding and metagaming in that they're all dick moves
Becky used her strongest magical defense shield to protect herself

Susan kicked a hole in Becky's shield with her light blast and punched Becky in the face, in an obnoxious powerplay, since Susan just started learning magic and Becky has been practicing for years
by stabbitytuesday October 27, 2014
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In a roleplay, controlling other people's characters. This is very looked down open and is against most rp rules.
'Kim punched Kelly and watched her cry,' is powerplaying, because who are you to say if Kelly started crying or not.
by Silly August 17, 2004
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A song, film, show etc. that is undeniably great, regardless of one's personal tastes.
"Fuck me mate. Is that Anastacia - Left Outside Alone playing? Now that's a POWERPLAY!"
by bw94 June 18, 2020
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Powerplay is the struggle that occurs between individuals in order to obtain power and exert control over the opponent.
Her use of emotional and verbal powerplay draws him to her
by K... October 11, 2005
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When you get someone to do something for you unknowingly, often the person initiating the powerplay is asserting dominance by assigning someone else a tedious task.
Let's say you and your friends have a buzzer to let you know when the bbq is coming. Say... Joseph is lazy and does not want to get the food, he slyly moves the buzzer over to Andrew. The buzzer goes off...

"Andrew go get the food it's ready."

Andrew proceeds to get the food and brings it to the table. Andrew unknowingly performed an irksome task for Joseph and is powerplayed.
by chua daddy December 12, 2010
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a time you make a move with an advantage, you have an extra man in hockey or you use aggression to make the most of a situation like on
by ababba3944 August 22, 2019
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