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When you need to poop in school and have limited time to do so. Typical power poops can last as little as 2 minutes. Power poops originated at MHS in Millbury MA.
Dave- Hey jay i have to go poop really bad, would you like to join me
Jay- Sorry i cant i don't want the teachers to wonder why i was in the bathroom for so long
Dave- Thats fine, we can just power poop!
by Pooping princess December 07, 2009
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A strategically planned trip to the bathroom while at work. Often occurs shortly before quitting time or before breaks or lunch. This is often done to spend less time working.
15 minutes to closing time. Looks like time for a powerpoop.
by DennisIsEvil April 17, 2006
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A poop/poops that comes out of your anus so fast that the impact makes the water reach your butt cheeks.
"Dude, I just had a power poop. Now I have to take a shower."
by Power Pooper April 14, 2014
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