Getting all your shopping done in a short time scale. Normaly done by males who don't like shopping or don't have the time.
When someone needs to get some new shoes but hates shopping and can only get them in there half hour work break.
by Chris Cottee January 8, 2004
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when you go shopping, and you don't know what hurts the most: your feet, your wallet, or your arms (from holding the bags).
Megan: "Maddie, we are a power shopping dream team. no, wait. we're better than power shoppers."

Maddie: "What do you mean? My wallet is already hospitalized and i can't walk another foot. how are we not power shoppers?"

Megan: "Because we built a shopping robot to carry the bags for us."
by ben d. over January 9, 2013
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To go shopping and spend a LOT of money with no regards to the cost. Power shopping usually involves clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Paris and Nikki Hilton sure know how to power shop. They spent some serious cash last weekend in Beverly Hills.
by Hackermom December 4, 2005
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When well-off people (esp. white people) shop quickly, resulting in the rapid accumulation of goods from Banana Republic, J. Crew, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Also, shopping for real estate.
He just spent four hours in SoHo doing some serious hegemonic power shopping; he must have spent at least two grand.
by SkippyD1 October 22, 2006
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When you and your friends/squad attend a retail centre together with the intention of working as a team to complete your shopping for Christmas or another non religious seasonal celebration.

The plan usually includes consumption of cocktails / sparkling wine and strutting around like the girls from Sex and the City but often ends up with miminal purchases made and the consumption of fried chicken whilst you bemoan the poor service and long lines at the register.
Hey Stacey - I haven’t bought any gifts for Shaniqua and Tyrese yet, shall we hook up with Mandy and Victoria to do some power shopping?
by RDogster December 29, 2017
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