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when you go shopping, and you don't know what hurts the most: your feet, your wallet, or your arms (from holding the bags).
Megan: "Maddie, we are a power shopping dream team. no, wait. we're better than power shoppers."

Maddie: "What do you mean? My wallet is already hospitalized and i can't walk another foot. how are we not power shoppers?"

Megan: "Because we built a shopping robot to carry the bags for us."
by ben d. over January 08, 2013

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When two males and two females gather at an art gallery undisclosed to many. In this special area, they find "joy" in the small things in life. While all four spark interests in each other, they slowly move up in the highly competitive world to be dreamers who would like to conquer all the jackbags in this sick, sick world.
Enemy 1: Wow, look at those four jackbags looking at art over there.
Ally 1: Na Yo, those are Humpattackbakiners, don't you know them? They will soon destroy you, you jackbag!
by Ben D. Over April 05, 2005

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