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This can be said when you are in a situation such as a business meeting or a conversation with an acquaintance and someone starts speaking on a subject that you are not interested in or is a complete waste of your time.

Bore me later can be used to express your disinterest or ambivalence to either the person or the subject and is generally intended to cause hurt or embarrassment to the other person.
We had another meeting at work yesterday about recycling - I was like “bore me later, I’ve got better things to do”
by RDogster January 21, 2018

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A family member, friend or acquaintance that visits you under the pretence of being sociable but it’s actually to use your high speed internet connection for free.
“It’s been nice having Victoria coming over for coffee all the time hasn’t it?“

“Coming for coffee? She’s only here for the WiFi she’s a Broadbandit that girl.
by RDogster February 17, 2018

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When you and your friends/squad attend a retail centre together with the intention of working as a team to complete your shopping for Christmas or another non religious seasonal celebration.

The plan usually includes consumption of cocktails / sparkling wine and strutting around like the girls from Sex and the City but often ends up with miminal purchases made and the consumption of fried chicken whilst you bemoan the poor service and long lines at the register.
Hey Stacey - I haven’t bought any gifts for Shaniqua and Tyrese yet, shall we hook up with Mandy and Victoria to do some power shopping?
by RDogster December 29, 2017

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