....Otherwise referred to as "Dog Food Sandwiches".

Smashed, processed meat in the form of purina dog chow that is edible by humans. Can be served with a delectable dill pickle and gouda cheese.
"Son, I packed your favorite in your lunch bucket today, potted meat and cheese!"

"Your neck smells somewhat like potted meat"
by Chingow April 5, 2010
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The words used to describe a disgusting vagina that is loose and looks like it's falling apart. Some of the symptoms of potted meat is looseness, unpleasant smell, the ability for four fingers to easily be placed inside, and the appearance that the vagina is turned inside out. Potted meat is common among skankwhores and older women who have expierenced the ole dick a few times too many.
Yea son, Katie got that potted meat. It looked ground beef and felt like it too. I would rather put my dick in a blender!
by BigDaddyBC May 13, 2011
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A canned meat made from ground rats that ate the bologna off of the floor.
The the cat wouldn't eat the potted meat.
by Nick December 5, 2004
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Pink canned meat food product eaten by old people when evacuating from a hurricane like your annoying aunt who you call tata. It is made from dead pigs cows rats and cockroaches. It tastes really good. You can buy some at Frank for 13cents a can!
The Subway sold the potted meat sandwhich.
by MozzerellaStick November 20, 2005
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A sandwich made from potted meat, which is ground up chicken, pork, beef, and whatever else you can imagine. No one knows for sure exactly what is in potted meat but since it is super cheap (think 4 cans for a dollar), many rednecks lather it on bread and cover it in mayo to make the cheapest sandwich with the most mysterious ingredients.
Cecil is so cheap that he always brings potted meat sandwiches for lunch.

Philly has cheese steak, Kentucky has the potted meat sandwich.
by Cun Lingis July 29, 2010
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When your having sex and she too fat to make to bathroom
She gave me potted meat one night after tacos
by Pupper Dog March 23, 2023
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