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A derogatory reference to one's social status... esp. to one's status of being poor and/or starving. If you are poor you would "lick the bottom of the pot" for all of the scraps and leftovers to make sure to get the most out of it while if you were living in opulence you would not need "the bottom scraps" and thus those who were poor were pot lickers.
Those destitute pot lickers down the street should stop spanging and get a real job...
by Mr. E. Man December 04, 2005
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One who crowds out someone else's fishing spot...
I was run off of my Crappie hole by a potlicker with live minnows. I guess I'll go home and punch the clown.
by reDfiSH November 06, 2003
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Some one who is to lazy or unmotivated to get something done in order to get what they want, someone who would rather lick the empty pot instead of work for a bowl of some stew.
"I told him he could paint the fence for a meal, but he would rather do nothing and hope for scraps, what a potlicker"
by wisccheeto December 12, 2012
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as pertaining to fisherman:

the first examples of the term being used to describe other fisherman was in the early 1930's in the diary's of pissed off fisherman.

def. - A potlicker in fishing is a man who is too lazy to go find fish on his own, so he looks for someone who is already on fish and then he moves into that man's spot. He potlicks, he's a lazy bastard who depends on what others find or leave him.
We had just started putting some fish in the boat when some damn potlicker sees us catching fish. So he drives up and anchors just 20 yards off our bow and begins to cast towards the spot we found.
by they call me the coon March 31, 2010
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original usage for word\name derived from logging camps in the mid 1800's; kitchen helper at the logging camp who got what was left over in the "pots" after feeding the crew.
You're a dirty potlicker !
Potlicker I smashed my finger!
by nathan nuszkiewicz June 03, 2003
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One who takes over your fishing spots! A person requiring guided knowledge to catch fish. One who shares trusted fishing knowledge with others. One who uses live bait.
Mac keeps telling everyone about the fishing spots I showed him therefore he is a POTLICKER!
by jabroni December 21, 2003
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