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A website that encourages the anonymous exposure of one's deepest secrets to the world. It is updated every Sunday.

Thus far, there are 3 PostSecret books.
Person A: Have you visited PostSecret this week?
Person B: Yeah, the secret about the insane fan made me laugh.
Person A: Me, too.
by Carissa_Marie April 18, 2007
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A art project that makes you realize that you are not the only one out there suffering. It makes you laugh, cry, very disturbed, etc. Postsecret brightens up every Sunday morning.
Julie got absorbed into the Postsecret books at Barns and Noble.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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A website where people anonymously post their sick secrets to relieve themselves of the burden. It is a very entertaining website.
Guy 1: Hey I just read about this guy who had sex with his best friend's mom and got her pregnant on post secret...... Hey look! Its a guy from around our place. Mann thats one fucked up arse.

Guy 2: Err what a sick guy.

-comes to realization-

Guy 1: You mother fucker!!
by I Study Carrots August 07, 2009
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a bogging website that is updated every sunday at 12:01
there are books with people's secrets in them, as well. a lot of times, people can relate to the secrets sent in.

it is a place where people send anonymous postcards too, postcards containing secrets.

some secrets are lame like: i actually do want you to live in florida


others secrets are intense like: i think my father raped me when i was younger
by loverlady03581 June 21, 2009
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The secret held during sex when you've taken a shit within the last half an hour prior to the act. In many cases, this can be discovered because of a lingering smell, of which you are also most likely paranoid about the entire time.
Seymour could not hold his shit while waiting for Suzanne to come over, so he quickly let it out before she got there. He kept his post secret quiet until she asked him what the smell was.
by seymour_plus_suzanne November 19, 2011
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