The point in time where you had just attended a concert and as soon as you get home you play all their music over and over again.
Person 1: Wow I love Taylor Swift! im going to go home and sit in my room for the rest of the night listening to her!

Person 2: It wasn't even that good. I don't want to hear about your post concert schedule.

Person 1: Go listen to your favorite band Maroon 5, faggot.
by ldizzle2012 August 20, 2011
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Also known as PCD, it is the depression after your favorite band or singer's concert. You feel like you miss them a lot even though they don't know you, and you don't know what to do with your life because your life is so boring out side of a concert. Sometimes, symptoms are so bad that you cry a lot, can't eat anything, and don't talk to anyone. A lot of the time you'll be looking at the pictures or videos you took at the concert or watch other people's recordings on YouTube.
Hey, Susie, you look really sad. Didn't you have a good time at the concert you went to last night?

Nah, man, leave her alone. She must be suffering with post concert depression.
by A sexy unicorn December 29, 2014
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After seeing your favourite singer(s) play live, you might get PCD, post concert depression. Not cause they weren’t what you were expecting, but cause you saw your idol just a few feet in front of you, and you realise you might never see them again. (Lazy description of it)
Person A: what’s up with B?
Person C: they saw Twenty one pilots yesterday.
Person A: why are they still crying?
Person C: PCD
Person A: what’s that?
Person C: post concert depression.
by Banditø May 5, 2019
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the feeling of ultimate sadness of going to a concert and not knowing what to do with yourself after because life feels so empty when ur not looking forward to that consent
“why’s ariella so sad

“bro u didn’t heard? she went to a harry styles concert last night and she’s having really bad post concert depression”
o shit
by a r i e l l a 😌💞🤑🥶 December 15, 2019
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The condition developed by some concertgoers after a concert which causes them to feel the urge to buy the entire artist/band's discography and obsess over every detail of their history. This condition typically lasts 1-2 months after the concert, or until the person has acquired everything associated with the band.
Ryan: Hey, what's with Bill?
Dave: He just got back from the Van Halen concert. He's got post-concert syndrome.
Ryan: Oh, that explains having Panama on repeat for the past 6 days.
by C. Hunter February 23, 2012
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Post Concert Depression; otherwise known as PCD,

The feeling you get straight after/the day after/up to 2 months after you go to any concert.

Symptoms include:

1. The desire to relive the concert
2. Thoughts similar to "They were right there!" or "I’m never going to see them again!"

3. Emotional pain when listening to the artist's music

Post concert depression can last up to a week, depending on the severity of the concert. However even after a long time, listening to the artist's music may cause a relapse.
"I have such bad post concert depression after that You Me At Six concert!"
by the one who says hi July 12, 2014
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The feeling of depression after going to a really good concert. Usually involves depression over the fact that your lives purpose is now fufilled after seeing your favourite band. Also can involve depression over the fact that you might not see that band for a long time. The best remedy for post-concert depression is going to shows with local bands, as they tend to play more often and will keep you sustained.
"That concert was so good!"
"Yeah but now they won't be back for a long time."
"Oh man, that blows...I've got like, post-concert depression now!"
by Zarkron the Conquerer March 6, 2006
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