Someone who comes from the port city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Yo soy un Porteño porque naci en Buenos Aires.

(I am a Porteño because I was born in Buenos Aires.)
by Porteño January 3, 2010
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People from Buenos Aires refer to themselves as porteños (port people) and have a reputation outside Buenos Aires for being arrogant know-it-alls. They are refreshingly proud of their city and willing to sing its praises at great length. Whatever the occasion they are always meticulously turned out, earning them a further reputation as some of the sexiest people on the planet. They work hard and play harder, and exude a seductive charisma through their uniquely lyrical language.
Porteños are the most copados people in the world because they're from Buenos Aires!
by MisterXYZ June 2, 2011
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Someone from Buenos Aires, Argentina who thinks no one else in the world exists or is more magnificent and beautiful than themselves. They wont give an old lady a seat on the bus, they will stand in the middle of any walkway, stairway or doorway you can imaagine and talk (without letting you pass) and they wont yield for women with babies crossing the street. They enjoy plastic surgery, tanning untill they are orange (in parks not beaches), dressing like your mom, eating horrible bland food and being well known for the Tango, a stupid dance that originated in whore houses (and is now the national past time, wow, be proud). They drink a nasty bitter tea all day long called mate and take a thermos of hot water and a stupid cup and straw/spoon everywhere they go. They eat every part of of every domesticated animal you could imagine in barbeques called Asados. They also enjoy butchering the spanish language by making LL into SH , Y into SH, using improper forms of verbs and often not using the future or formal tenses. The entire spanish speaking world hates Porteños. They also enjoy the most horrible kind of music known to man, Cumbia. This music makes your ears bleed and your eyes ooze and is sometimes refered to as shitty primitive techno for people who cant afford mixers.
They also often treat animals poorly, or as possesions rather than pets and there are thousands of abandoned and freely breeding animals all over the city. "you can always judge a society by how it treats its animals".

Many of them have mullets, both men and women.

The working class who live in Buenos Aires are not like this, just a vast majority of the "european" and or "upper class" population in this classist society.
show some respect you stupid Porteño.. oh and turn off that horrible music
by johannas January 19, 2007
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