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Refers to a girls perfectly shaped body. The moment men see her they do have 'a gun' in their pockets. The first thought that rises is "is she into the adult industry".

Girls often have to work real hard to get these pornbodies, once achieved they mostly live the rest of their lives for free.
guy 1 : hey did you spot that total bae over there, my pants are raging
guy 2 : oh boy, now that is a Pornbody!
by swagalicious ganspotter June 15, 2016
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The ultimate shaped body any hot girl trains for
They want to have a tight perfect body so if their carreer fails they can instantly go to porn as backup.
Guy1: Did you see her asking how to train for a pornbody at the gym
Guy2: Yeah, you should have seen his face!!
by swagalicious ganspotter October 13, 2016
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