Sporting a t-shirt with no pants, sans underwear.
I never left the house, spent the day Porky Piggin' it.
by L. Ron Howard September 21, 2009
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Wearing only a shirt, no pants AND no underwear, ala Porky Pig, who did not wear _anything_ below the belt.
I was video conferencing with my professor online today, totally porky piggin' it!
by panquake June 14, 2007
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Wearing nothing but a shirt, particularly a t-shirt, as does Porky Pig.
Dan's ex-wife Erin lost it when she walked into his house Thanksgiving morning and saw him Porky-Piggin-It with the kids and their friends in the other room.
by Mim Monkol April 09, 2008
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To procede with having anal sex with someone while they are shitting on the penis similar to what some pigs do along with people from colorado.
two girls one cup is ass bad as porky piggin.
by dick herts May 08, 2008
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When you masturbate in front of your computer with your shirt pulled up over your pudgy belly.
I hope my webcam was covered, or my assigned NSA agent is going to catch me porky piggin' it to the hentai again.
by big_bobby_b April 16, 2021
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