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For when you've just porked a girl (had sex) usually a one night stand, and it's really awkward in the morning, or when you see her in the next couple of days
Dude it was so porkward this morning when I woke up at hers
by butterfly poon October 04, 2012
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An awkward way of saying awkward. It is made up if the word 'Pork' and 'Awkward . People are not quite sure where the word came from or when it was first used but it is thought that butchers used the term when they cut a piece of meat awkwardly.
Guy " I like someone who looks a lot like you"
Girl " Aww , me " ?

Guy " No , your sister"
Girl "....well, this is porkward "
by LordOfThePorkWard November 11, 2011
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