One word that has no sexual innuendos but if you say it just right, sounds sexual.
by Brahpanda January 5, 2021
When a guy is a simp for his high school girlfriend and eats her ass while driving to school. Yet, while not paying attention he drives into the back of a school bus.
Guy: Did you hear what happened to Chris this morning?
Girl: Didn’t he hurt his neck in that bus accident?
Guy: Yea, some kid did a dirty poras and chris was in the back of the bus.
by Dirty Poras April 13, 2020
Taunting someone by saying this to provoke his/her inner insecurities.
"Basilar artery passes through basilar groove."
"Orrreeehh, ki pora!"
by Tongue tie January 16, 2022
a sweet girl who is quite cynical (and is probs a tsundere) but is really pretty and nice! she has a nice singing voice and is ABSOLUTELY GREAT at drawings. Pora may seem cold but we all know deep inside she cares :)

is also a moving corpse
A: would you date Pora?
B: Hell yea!
by someonewhowrites February 19, 2021