Poppy’s are extremely kind, although they can come across as obnoxious and short tempered. They are super intellegient and excell in science subjects such as chemistry. Poppy’s may first come across as shy but can be up in your face when you get to know them. When Poppy’s are in good moods, they will be so nice and will get anything for you, but there bad moods aren’t as pleasing. They are super super strong and flexible s and are great at gymanstics, dance, rugby and any sport really. They have the fact of being wrong , but admit there wrong doings. Everyone is jealous of Poppy’s because of her braveness and daringness. She gets into a lot of trouble and punishments because of her ‘I don’t care’ motto. You are extremely look to come across a Poppy with her bright blonde hair and blue or green eyes that are to dye for. The thing that pulls Poppy’s down is there lack of determination because it takes a lot of work to encourage them to try again. They can be extremely impatient but that can sometimes show there eagerness, and is usually a good characteristic. They are so kind and no one could possibly copy a poppy because she is just so perfect when she is not being obnoxious or aggressive!
Omg, I just crossed paths with a Poppy! She was doing cartwheels down the streets!
by TheNameUnderstander March 03, 2018
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Poppy is a bubbly girl, she tends to be energetic, down to earth, and extremely talented. She knows what's going on, is great at fashion, and definitely knows what to wear. She has a sweet smile, and tends to act naive even though she actually knows what's going on. She's highly energetic, and dresses the part. She has lots of flings and likes a whole bunch of guys at one time, though has a problem sticking with one relationship. She's pretty. Like really, really pretty, and the name is commonly given to girls with red hair.
Person 1: Hi Poppy!

Poppy: Hiya! How are ya?!
by Poppy Sternfield February 10, 2016
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Poppy is a dark skinned girl with big brown eyes. She's beautiful and smart and will make anyone smile. She loves to crack a joke but also had the most ridiculous sense of humour and her laugh is just dynamite. She is a pro at music and is amazing at dance. She loves her friends more than anything and loves a good white boy with either blue or green eyes.
"See poppy over there? She's gonna be an amazing wife one day"
by T O M November 07, 2016
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The name Poppy means you are a kind, friendly girl but is not afraid to share her opinion. If she doesn't like someone she will keep annoying them.
Kath: "Poppys is such a nice girl!"
Mike: "Urban dictionary says it all!"
by urban dictionary.org.uk November 13, 2019
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A beautiful girl who is sporty, cute, sexy, amazing, funny, talented and intelligent. If there's a poppy in your town, lock up your man.

Poppy's tend to be into boys who are:

- taller than them

- blonde and blue eyes
- very fit

- good at cooking
- sporty
- sweet
- generous
- musical
- caring
- bold
- attractive

Good luck if your one of these
"OMG that girl poppy is so fit, in gonna go see if she's single"
sexy fit hot
by P.B.13 April 20, 2015
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