Performing well at a certain task, usually abnormally well.
Guy 1:*gets an ace in cs:go"
Guy 2: "bro u just popped off, what a gamer legend"
by Jerry Shakes November 16, 2020
Giving someone an unwarranted amount of attitude. Usually your parents or an authority figure. See also: smarting off, smart-mouthing, etc.
Disney's Sword in the Stone (1963):

After receiving 4 demerits and being forced to clean the kitchen

Arthur: "It's my fault, I shouldn't have popped off..."
by starspawnofcthulu October 24, 2014
"Popping off" is a verb used when you're doing extremely well and or performing like a professional/better than anyone in your game. Can also be used when you're being accused of cheating in a video game because the sheer amount of god like skill you possess.
by ForeverPandering February 1, 2017
to "work it" or "slay", just absolutely DESTROY the game.
*see's Jessica's fire instagram selfie*

*comments "YAS QUEEN POP OFF" furiously*
by Seventeen thirty eight September 1, 2018
A term that means to go crazy. When you pop off you do really well in a videogame, rant, argument, or school. Its used all the time during casual talk and can hint that they want you to calm down. Popular people use this term loosly and its hard to precisely define it.
Damn Kiera your popping off
pop off on me then oh my god.
by TheOGDefiner69 May 14, 2019
To excel in performance and or being to dominate a game.
Damn, Michael is "popping off".
by Han Rogan October 10, 2016
telling someone to fight you. in other words, DO SUMTHIN
Bob: Shut up before i punch you in your face
You: What?! U so hard then pop off!
by Ekho June 1, 2005