someone who hates somthing that a lot of other people love, just to seem cool
Girl 1: I love the emo stuff
Girl 2: I'm so sick of emos all they do is cry and shit
Girl 1: umm o.k

later that day

Girl 1: Everyone is talking a about this book twilight so I read it and loved it
Girl 2: ewww twilight sucks

even later that day

Girl 1: look paris hilton is on the tv
Girl 2: I hate her she
Girl 1: why you don't know her?
Girl 2: she is a hoe
Girl 1: because she like sex, girls can like sex to making it a bad thing for a girl to like sex is dumd
Girl 2: ......what?
Girl 1: I think your a pop hater
by mr.TriviaFear July 25, 2009
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