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An expression used to show discontent at something, or just to be freaking hilarious.

Also can be: Poopy Buttsack
Girl- "Why are you acting like this?"
Boy- " Cause you're a poopy butt"

Mom- "Do your chores"
by snake N' Bake January 18, 2011
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Someone who is generally stubborn, hard-headed, incorrigible, cantankerous, or otherwise recalcitrant.
I was so upset with Ben this morning, he was being a real poopybutt.
by pilotkid May 04, 2009
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when you shit at work and are so busy you dont have time to wipe
Co-Worker 1: "Man, Christina really worked her tail off today!"

Co-Worker 2: "Yeah I heard she was rocking the poopy butt all day."
by one-eyed model December 20, 2011
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