A word for a girl that you really don't like. Implies that she wipes the wrong way, leaving smelly fudgy poo in her vaginal cavity.
Man I really hate Natalie, she is a major poopsnatch.
by vaginas-r-us November 09, 2005
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noun - one who snatches the poop of another; a jerk; a retard.
Gabe is such a poopsnatcher.
by jaggatha nougart January 07, 2008
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The surprise of no visible result after going #2.
I took a shit today and looked in the toilet and I had been poopsnatched!
by wmeikle August 29, 2008
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Oliver: Okay, baby, here it comes.
Carole: Ouch! Wrong hole, dick!
Oliver: Oops! I put it right in your poopsnatch!
by labelmonkey March 17, 2005
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